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Sweetbriar Health

At Sweetbriar Health, our mission is simple - to give our patients the tools to live healthier lives.
We follow the four pillars of the Obesity Medicine Association to achieve your goals: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Behavior and Medications.
While there are many approaches to weight loss and healthy living, our job is to stay current on the science and use it to create a personalized plan for you and your lifestyle.
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Diet Salad


The best diet plan is the one that you will stick with. We review the science on what's trending and the tried-and-true methods so that we can offer the best advice on a healthy eating plan to fuel your life.

Filling Prescription


It starts with a review of your current medications for any that may be causing weight gain or unwanted side effects. 
We may also use medications targeted at your factors for weight gain or difficulty losing weight.

Weight Lifting

Physical Activity

While not every type of activity helps with weight loss, physical activity is a crucial component of wellness.
We work on building more activity into your lifestyle based on what you enjoy, your schedule, physical limitations and other goals.

Couple with Laptop


We focus on small changes that build to long lasting lifestyle habits.
Whether it's trouble getting your family on board, stress eating or navigating a busy lifestyle, each visit you'll address potential barriers and how to handle life's unexpected challenges.

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