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Diana Cook, MD

Dr. Diana Cook completed medical school at the University of Florida and Family Medicine residency at Scripps Mercy Chula Vista in California. 
For over 5 years, Dr. Cook practiced full-spectrum family medicine, where she formed her passion for helping patients battling chronic metabolic disease, mental health problems and feeling trapped in cycles of unhealthy habits.
She dreamed of opening a practice based on a strong physician-patient relationship and whole-person care, beyond just improving numbers on the scale or lab tests. Thus, she obtained board certification in Obesity Medicine and started Sweetbriar Health to focus on giving patients the knowledge and tools to create sustainably healthy lives.
She has been on her own health journey for over a decade through the ups and downs of medical training and pregnancies and understands on a personal level how hard change can be and how real, practical solutions can be life-changing.
She lives in Round Rock, TX with her husband and three young children.

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